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Glad to be part of our local communities

SWERVE Driving School, Keeping You Collision Free for Life!

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Proud sponsors of our local high schools

Proud to contribute 5% of student enrollments to Casa Grande and Petaluma High School's scholarship fund!

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See what your friends are doing to stay collision free for life. Join them on the SWERVE team!

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Swerve is proud to be part of our local communities!



icon-coneAvailable Driver Training Packages

Online Only Lessons

$29.95 Purchase

Online drivers ed is provided by our partner igottadrive.com and is licensed by the California DMV (license # 4590) to replace the standard 30 hours of classroom time. You will take a virtual road trip across the U.S. while learning the fundamentals of driving. When the course is complete you will receive a CA Certificate Of Completion, which can be used to obtain your driver’s permit. The course is available anytime and on any device. Unlimited practice exams are included. As long as you are 15 and half you can sign up and get started today.

icon-questionWhy SWERVE

Tried and tested methodology

SWERVE Driving School has researched based teaching methods and instruction which has proven successful having taught thousands of students. Your students are safe with a SWERVE Driving Instructor who has exceeded the state requirements for a driving instructor license.

State of the art scheduling system

SWERVE has a state of the art scheduling system which allows you 24/7 access to schedule drives for your teen and a customer service team eager to assist you with any questions you may have.

We understand and respect your teen

We understand this isn’t just about teaching your teen to drive; it’s our privilege to work with your teen in developing skills to keep your teen collision free for life. It’s our job to not only teach your teen the rules of the road but to match their skill level with their confidence level. We understand this can be scary to a parent! At SWERVE, your student’s driving instructor will work with not only your teen but with you as well to make sure we’re all giving a consistent message to your teen. You can expect a debrief post-drive and homework for their practice driving between instructor led drives.

We give back to local schools

We’re proud to be part of your communities! We work with local high schools to provide promotional pricing and sponsorship for different events.

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